Community Service

Community Service Club

Along with more than 45,000 middle and junior high school students around the world, Lincoln Orens students are involved in this Kiwanis-family program.  It develops leadership skills while working with friends to help others in need. Recently, our Middle School Community Service Club conducted a clean-up of Shell Creek Park under the direction of their advisor, Shannon Richards.

Memorial Day Parade and West Hempstead Homecoming Parade

The Marching Band performs at community events such as the Memorial Day Parade every May and the West Hempstead Annual Homecoming in the fall. 

Student Council

After hurricane Katrina led to the evacuation of New Orleans, several members of our staff contacted schools in the area to ascertain their needs.  Teachers at LOMS reached Crestworth Middle School in Baton Rogue, Louisiana that had many displaced students.  Working with student council and Dr. Venditti, principal at Lincoln Orens Middle School, teachers arranged for backpacks filled with school supplies donated by Island Park families to be sent to the students in need.

Gloria Maffetone, principal at Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School, was able to put us in contact with the Lee Road School in Covington, Louisiana.  The Hegarty student council under the direction of 3rd grade teacher, Pat Pozin, collected money for the relief effort of that school.  The children helped raise money through bake sales and the sale of cookbooks.  Their efforts were supplemented by a generous donation form the Island Park PTA.

The IPFA donated backpacks and Leonetti Brothers provided boxes for shipping.


Each year the school district conducts food and gift collections, including toys for children of needy families.  This year Marion Toby, our Director of Transportation, coordinated the efforts with the support of members of her staff, clerical staff and student councils in both schools.  Under the direction of Mrs. Beth Peckham, Middle School students baked pies for Thanksgiving.  These were given to needy and homeless families.  In addition, one of their projects involved a coat collection to procure warm clothing for local families in need.