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    Island Park Schools Promote Positive Decisions for Red Ribbon Week

    Island Park’s Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School both observed Red Ribbon Week from Oct. 21-25, during which they focused on the importance of positive, healthy and responsible choices. This year presented the theme, “Send a Message, Stay Drug Free,” and featured an assortment of activities, lessons and events.

    Students heard announcements that emphasized key messages throughout the week. They signed pledges stating their promise to stay drug free and wore clothing that represented the initiative’s purpose. Students and faculty donned superhero shirts in a united fight against drugs, sported college apparel signifying the importance of the future and dressed in clothing with positive statements and words over the course of the week.

    On Oct. 25, students and staff members at each building wore red for special culminating traditions. Those at Lincoln Orens convened on the blacktop to form a giant red ribbon, and Hegarty took on their Winners Walk fundraising event. Hegarty students also submitted their own stay Drug Free” drawings and messages that were compiled to create a bulletin display.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Students Learn About Differences

    Island Park’s Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino visited Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School on Oct. 23 to present on an important topic in anticipation of the annual Winner’s Walk. This year’s walk will benefit the Aniridia Foundation International to support research for better treatment, and Dr. Bovino discussed the significance of this effort and educated students on what the condition is.   

    Aniridia is a genetic disorder that affects the eyes – specifically, the development of the irises. It can cause difficulty focusing and blurred and double vision. Dr. Bovino read a poem that she wrote, in which she emphasizes that people are all different and all valuable. She expressed that disabilities occur for various reasons and shared her own family’s story,.

    As stated in Dr. Bovino’s poem, “Children are very much the same as well as different. But, most importantly, all are wonderfully made.”

    The students and staff members at Hegarty are proud to support a meaningful cause that will help make a difference to others.


    Island Park Public Schools
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    Sex Offenders Are Residing in Island Park

    The Nassau County Police Department has notified us that two level 2 sex offenders are residing in Island Park. One is located near a current bus stop. In response, parents of children in the immediate vicinity have been notified of the new bus stop location effective this afternoon, October 29. Any student affected will also receive a flyer in their backpacks from our Transportation Department.

    The information on these sex offenders is on the NYS Department of Criminal Justice website: www.criminaljustice.ny.gov.

    It is unfortunate, but necessary that we all take this opportunity to review safety rules with our children at school and at home. They must be reminded to avoid circumstances that might increase their vulnerability. Please be mindful of your child’s personal safety when playing outside and trick-or-treating for Halloween.

    Thank you.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    FXH LED Sign

    The FXH LED sign is under repair.  We are waiting for the delivery and installation of parts and hope to have it restored in the next two weeks.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Island Park Board of Education Meeting Brings Many Recognitions

    At the Island Park Public Schools’ Oct. 21 Board of Education Meeting, many individuals were honored for their contributions to the district. The evening included student recognitions, Board of Education honors, district updates and presentations.

    The meeting began with the announcement of Students of the Month who represented each grade at Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School. Emerson Fichtelberg (kindergarten), Alexandra Rodgers (grade 1), Declan Llewellyn (grade 2), Kevin Weber (grade 3), Giselle Ventura (grade 4), Daniel Perez (grade 5), Vincent Aupied (grade 6), Daniel Brenner (grade 7) and Kirsten Lilly (grade 8) received medals and certificates of excellence. Principals Cynthia Cameron and Dr. Bruce Hoffman read remarks from the students’ respective teachers that described the ways they go the extra mile and serve as positive leaders and role models.

    The focus then turned to the artwork that was displayed around the conference room. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rosmarie Bovino noted that the featured pieces were showcased for the board’s enjoyment, since students are at the heart of their efforts. Artists Isabella Mejia-Acevedo, Katie Flaniken, Christian Colon, Kayla Carney, Maxene Martin, Jillian Goldbach and Sage Muckle were congratulated with Art Achievement Certificates.

    In honor of Governor Cuomo’s designation of Oct. 21-25 as School Board Recognition Week, several groups expressed gratitude to President Jack Vobis, Vice President Diana Caracciolo and trustees Kathleen McDonough, Tara Byrne and Ray Miley for their volunteer service to Island Park Schools. Representatives of the Administrators Association, Faculty Association, Secretarial Association and Parent Teacher Association provided board members with gifts in the form of scholarship fund and gift card donations, briefcases and laptop cases and flowers.

    Also at this meeting, Dr. Bovino reviewed the bond and capital projects that have been completed and are on the horizon for the spring and summer. She noted that the basketball courts at Lincoln Orens are almost complete and the district will be going out to bid for summer projects including the STEM lab, art room, science lab, and main office at the middle school.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    Internet safety in Island Park

    Island Park’s Francis X. Hegarty Elementary School and Lincoln Orens Middle School continued their ongoing efforts to promote security for students in the online world during Internet Safety presentations held on Oct. 10 and 11. Both buildings provided lessons and discussions on this topic, which has increased in significance with the growing use of technology.

    The presentations, tailored to the age groups of their audiences, addressed steps one should take to protect themselves online. At Hegarty, Social Worker Felicita Carranza led lunchtime discussions with third and fourth graders. She focused on what information is appropriate to share online and how to identify friends vs. strangers.

    Lincoln Orens Social Worker Allison Janofsky and Computer Teacher Michael Giardino reviewed responsibilities, risks and precautions associated with social media, websites and other resources. They shared helpful tips such as turning off location settings on social media apps and keeping personal information private. Cyberbullying prevention was also incorporated. 

    This was just one of many initiatives that the district coordinates throughout the year to educate students on ways to stay safe both in and outside of school.

    Island Park Public Schools
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    A Word from the Superintendent …

    The Island Park School District grieves with its neighboring school communities for the tragic loss of life suffered this week. Given the series of events that took place, we will continue to work with our students so that they may continue to grow in their understanding of what it means to look after each other and how important it is to be a responsible upstander rather than a passive bystander. The Long Beach School District is working with school staff and the police to ensure our students’ safety; it encourages our community members to visit their website for related information. Island Park students attending Long Beach High School are reminded that counselors are available to provide support.

    Dr. Rosmarie T. Bovino

    Island Park Public Schools

District Calendar

  • IP Public Library Mtg, 7 pm

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  • UPK & LOMS Parent/ Teacher Conferences, 6 pm

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  • IP Theater Group Production

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  • LOMS Parent/Teacher Conferences begin 2 pm (Early dismissal for LOMS students)

    Island Park Public Schools
  • UPK Parent/Teachers Conferences begin 3 pm (Regular UPK dismissal)

    Island Park Public Schools
  • @ Freeport HS

    LI PEAK Festival

    Island Park Public Schools
  • @ Conf Ctr

    Board of Education Mtg, 7 pm

    Island Park Public Schools
  • FXH & LOMS Site- Based Mtgs

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  • IPFA Meeting

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  • FXH & LOMS Student Councils’ Food Drives End

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